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Introducing The Bridge Trio



Joe Dyson, Max Moran and Conun Pappas first met in high school. They’ve worked as Donald Harrison’s rhythm section before they could legally drink, and in 2012 released a self-titled debut album as The Bridge Trio.

From the liner-notes of The Bridge Trio: “Raised in New Orleans, one of the most venerated cities for music and young talent, Joe Dyson, Max Moran and Conun Pappas bring their Southern roots and world travel to every experience chronicled in their compostions. Each member a graduate of the New Orleans for Creative Arts, the Bridge Trio learned at a young age the fundamentals and demands involved with cultivating creative sound, studying under some of the city’s greatest musicians. Legendary jazz performer and educator Alvin Batiste not only helped bring these three musicians together, but gave them a chance to perform at famous New Orleans jazz bistro Snug Harbor before they were even old enough to get into most venues. Next, noted jazz saxophonist Donald Harrison saw the potential in Dyson, Moran and Pappas, and asked them to play in his backing band at gigs both locally and worldwide, allowing them to establish a professional career before they headed off to college.” Briana Prevost

The Bridge Trio is:
Conun Pappas, piano
Max Moran, electric bass
Joe Dyson, drums

Visit: thebridgetrio.com


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