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Egrem and Hermanos Arango release Bendita Guanabacoa


On 9/27/19, EGREM released the latest album by Hermanos Arango (also known as Los Hermanos Arango), BENDITA GUANABACOA, to the digital stores. There are so many artists with titles like “Without Limits,” “Beyond the Limits,” etc etc. without actually delivering on the promise of those titles (those recordings are usually well-done but nevertheless stay within certain prescribed boundaries) that readers and listeners have understandably become skeptical about those superlatives when applied to new albums. That creates a challenge for those of us who write about music when a recording comes along that actually does push beyond conventional boundaries without sounding contrived, as is the case with this album, which is the real thing. But don’t take my word for it, check the video (above).

Editor’s Note: Check out the group’s interpretations of the PATATO Y TOTICO classics: Nuestro Barrio, Agua Que Va Caer, Engrato Corazon, and En el Callejon. More to come!


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