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Welcome, Bienvenidos to the Puerto Rico Project!


In 2017, in response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria and in-depth conversations with musicians on the island, I created THE PUERTO RICO PROJECT (PRP). Since then, I traveled to the island several times and broadened the project’s vision.

The PR PROJECT pays tribute to Maestros and Maestros past and present: Manuel Tizol, Juan Tizol, Angelina Rivera, Noro Morales, Joe Loco, Césario ConcepciónSylvia Rexach, Leopoldo Fleming, Sylvia Del Villard, Noro Morales, Willie Bobo, Ruth Fernandez, Angel “Cachete” Maldonado, Tite Curet Alonso, Miguel Zenón, David Sánchez, William Cepeda, Furito Rios, Humberto Ramirez, and Charlie Sepulveda among others. 

The PR PROJECT also pays tribute to Salseros and Salseras past and present: Yolanda Rivera, Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez, Joe Quijano, Papo Lucca y La Sonora Ponceña, El Gran Combo, Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Mark (Markolino) Dimond and Eddie Palmieri, to name a few. 

THE PR PROJECT recognizes emerging artists and artists deserving of wider recognition such as Fabiola Méndez, Lolivone de la Rosa, Karla Marie Rosado, Richard Peña, Plena Combativa and Alfonso Fuentes.

For all things related to Puerto Rico’s music, art and culture in a bilingual format, visit and please consider supporting THE PUERTO RICO PROJECT. 

To learn how you can support the PR PROJECT, contact me at: delapena2911@gmail.com.

Gracias y Palante! Tomás Peña

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Featured Photo: Tomás Peña




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