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Singer, Songwriter, Producer Norberto Velez, aka “Norbert” and Gerardo Rivas present “Sesiones Desde La Loma”

NORBERTO VELEZ, who goes by “Norbert,” was born on August 20, 1979, and showed artistic promise at an early age. His first teacher was his father, a professor at The Escuela Libre de Musica and the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. As a child, Norberto experimented with various instruments; however, the guitar was his choice. At seven, with the support of his parents, Norberto interpreted traditional Puerto Rican music.
At seventeen Norberto joined The Trovadores Trumpet Orchestra, directed by maestro Elías Lopez, where he developed a passion for Salsa. Also, he participated as a backup singer with artists such as Kedwin Ceballo, Frankie Negrón, Carolina la O, and Pedro Brull, among others. After approximately three years, Norberto joined Victor Manuelle’s band as a backup singer. 
In 2003, Norberto presented a concert where he sang the duet El Sonero de Juventud with Gerardo Rivas. Later, they formed NG2, which won a Latin Billboard award in 2005 for the song Mi Salsa Se Respeta, whose message, “We are young and competent,” resonated with similar groups in the industry.
In 2020, Norberto and Rivas presented the first installment of the highly successful series Sesiones Desde La Loma on YouTube. The concept is simple but entertaining. The “stage” is a “casita” (small wooden house) with a balcony on a hilltop in Norberto’s native Hatillo, which he initially built to entertain family and friends. There, he presents, performs, and converses with a range of musical guests including emerging artists and salsa legends Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tito Rojas, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Cucco Peña, Danny Rivera, Jose Alberto “El Canario,” Victor Manuelle, and Andy Montañez among others.
In 2021, Norberto released his debut album A Mi Modo, followed by El Ultimo Bolero and Transición y Creación. Also, he has participated in live tributes to Myrta Silva and Victor Manuelle, among others.
Sesiones Desde La Loma recently celebrated its 35th episode and is going strong! I highly recommend it.
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