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Radio Show Host, Felix Barz Neves and Invited Guests Pay Homage to Ana “Anita” Otero (1861-1905)


On May 2, 2022, radio show host FELIX BARZ NEVES of Victoria 840 (Humacao) moderated a discussion on the illustrious career of the internationally renowned Puerto Rican pianist, composer, and arranger ANA “ANITA” OTERO (1861-1905).

In addition to the host and myself, the participants included Ana’s grandnephew and  custodian of her memorabilia, ROBUR OTERO, and musician-producer MARIANO RODRIGUEZ.

Ana is the first woman to conduct orchestras in Puerto Rico, the first Puerto Rican woman to graduate from the renowned Paris Conservatory of Music, and the founder of The Otero Music Academy for Girls. She was also a dedicated educator, activist, and cultural ambassador.

The brief but lively and informative conversation shined a light on the high points of Ana’s life and career. Robur Otero deserves credit for his dedication and his invaluable first-hand knowledge and expertise. 

On a personal note, the discussion marked the first time I appeared on Spanish radio. The experience inspired me to improve my vocabulary and fluency and to return to the air in the future. 

Thank you, Felix Barz Neves, for the invitation. It was an honor and pleasure to be part of this critical discussion and be in such distinguished company. 

For more on the life and achievements of Ana Otero, click HERE.


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