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Radio Show Host Felix Barz Neves pays tribute to Boricua Pioneer, Ana “Anita” Otero

Victoria 840
Radio show host Felix Barz Neves moderated a one-hour discussion on May 2, 2022, paying tribute to the accomplished Puerto Rican pianist, composer, musical director, and educator Ana “Anita” Otero (1861-1905). This tribute was aired on Victoria 840, a radio station located in Humacao, Puerto Rico.
Barz, Ana’s grandnephew Robur Otero, myself, and musician Mariano Rodriguez were among the distinguished guests.
Ana was a remarkable woman who achieved many firsts in the field of music in Puerto Rico. She was the first woman to conduct an orchestra in the country and the first Puerto Rican woman to graduate from the prestigious Paris Conservatory of Music. Additionally, Ana founded The Otero Music Academy for Girls, where she was a dedicated educator, activist, and cultural ambassador.
During the discussion, Ana’s career highlights were explored. Her grandnephew and keeper of her memorabilia, Robur Otero, shared intimate details about her life and career never before revealed.
This discussion was a personal milestone, marking my first-ever appearance on Spanish radio. Moreover, it motivated me to enhance my Spanish speaking, reading, and writing abilities. I thank the radio show host, Felix Barz Neves, for inviting me to join this crucial conversation alongside such a remarkable group of guests. Thank you!


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