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Henry Cole Live Stream Concert


HENRY COLE is a shape-shifting drummer whose versatile, multicultural style positions him at the forefront of a growing wave of jazz innovation and cross-cultural 21st-century rhythms.

A Grammy award winner, Multi-time Grammy nominee, master drummer, and skilled arranger. He draws inspiration from a long line of highly skilled Boricua Pioneers who performed in local, military and jazz bands. His sonic roots – African, Indigenous and European – have been brewing for years and have come together to create a unique, mestizo sound.

Henry Cole became the first Puerto Rican resident on the island to receive the prestigious “New Jazz Work” scholarship from the Chamber Music of America for his work as a composer with his group Villa Locura. Cole is also the first Puerto Rican percussionist who has published columns and masterclasses for “DownBeat Magazine”.

In 2018, Henry released the single, “El Diablo” featuring Tito Allen from the upcoming album, “Simple” with his new group Villa Locura, where he combines a wide variety of musical influences such as Puerto Rican folklore, funk, R&B, jazz, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and creates a unique genre that bridges the traditional with the contemporary. His second single “Caminando” which features Tego Calderon was released in 2019. He defines Villa Locura as “Raw, Spiritual, Interstellar Puerto Rican Funk!”. Literally and figuratively, Henry Cole is taking Puerto Rican “Sabor” (flavor) to new, unexpected heights.

Henry has recorded and performed with Miguel Zenon, Chano Dominguez, Ray Barreto, Gary Burton, Chambao, Calle13, Residente, and Draco Rosa, among many others.

Cole arranged, recorded and produced a new version of the song “Donde vas Maria” by Antonio Cabán Vale for the 2019 Banco Popular Christmas Special “Tiempos de Aguinaldo” which featured his band Villa Locura and troubadour Ricky Villanueva.

“Henry Cole, a young and eclectic percussionist from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, possessor of an energetic and universal sense of rhythm. Due to his sensitivity and versatility, he is one of the most requested percussionists by artists of all musical genres without the need to tie himself to one in particular”Mundo Jazz

This is a 30-minute solo concert performed as one full take for the #JazzEnCuarentena Live Stream Festival (3/31/2020).

Purchase Video/Donate: https://henry-cole.com/store/henry-cole-on-drums-live-stream-solo-concert

Artist Website:  http://www.henrycolemusic.com/

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