Luis Ortiz, also known as “Perico” is a painter of emotions. From Classical to Pop, from Pop to Jazz, from Jazz to Latin-Jazz to Salsa, his music reflects the vast experience of a career that spans more than thirty years.
Luis studied at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and at the University of Puerto Rico. He also played professionally in the Symphony Orchestra as a guest soloist when studying at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico under Pablo Casals.
He has worked for all the TV stations in Puerto Rico and served as the first trumpeter for the most renowned hotels on the island. Also, he has accompanied great artists such as Ann Margaret, Dionne Warwick, Diahann Carroll, Trini Lopez, Engelbert Humperdinck, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Paul Anka, The Supremes, and many well-known international artists.
In 1970 Ortiz moved to New York where he developed as an artist, trumpeter, arranger, composer, and executive. He became one of the greatest trumpet players in the Latin American field as well as a renowned arranger, composer, and producer. Also, he developed Sunrise Productions, Perico Records, Dialen Promotions Inc., Dialen Publisher (with representation in the U.S., Europe, and Japan), and Dialen Recording Studios.
Sentimiento de un Latino
1970-1976 – Works as a trumpetist, arranger, composer and producer for Tito Puente, Machito, Mongo Santamaria, Tito Rodriguez, Fania All Stars (all label artists), Velvet De Venezuela, TH Rodven, and Johnny Pacheco.
1977 Recorded his first Solo Album under the label Turnstyle (a subsidiary of Latin Percussion Corp.)
1978-80 – Established his Orchestra. Wins “Diplo” Trophy as the best trumpeter of Puerto Rico. In New York during the Latin New York Magazine Awards celebrated in 1978 he was awarded the following trophies: Trumpet Of The Year, Arranger Of The Year, Best Orchestra Of The Year, and Musician Of the Year.
1981-87 – Acknowledgment received in 1981 by Association De Cronistas De Espectáculos {ACE} as best interpreter of Salsa/Música Caribeña with Julio Iglesias. In 1982 he received another Acknowledgment by ACE as Best New York Orchestra. During the Summer Of 1987, he composed and directed the score for the movie “Mondo New York” with Johnny Pacheco. Also, he traveled the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, and Europe with his Orchestra.
1988-93 – In 1988 Ortiz produced, arranged and directed Mr. Barry Manilow. Project “Hey Mambo”. During the same year, he opens his company Dialen Promotions Inc. Become the first Latin company that offers multiple services in the production and recording area with his own recording studios (3 Rooms) Analog/Midi. Through his involvement with the company, “Perico” gets involved in the area of “advertising” producing, composing, sound engineering, and arranging “Jingles” for Radio and Television, Videos, and Film Scoring. In 1992 Ortiz and his Orchestra toured Japan.
1993 – Returned Puerto Rico, and established Luis Perico Ortiz Productions Inc.
1994 – Established business relationships with Disney Corp., Buena Vista Television (California), There Goes The Neighborhood y Quincy Jones Office. For Disney Corp. produced part of the music for the Television Special “Navidad En Las Americas”. For the Quincy Jones Office produced music segments for the historic event “Western Hemisphere Summit” for 34 presidents and dignitaries of the Western Hemisphere.
1995 – Participated as a guest artist in a Tour for the country of Colombia (RMM Records “La Combinación Perfecta”) where he performed, in a total of four concerts. As a Latin Jazz Artist “Perico” performs with his Latin Jazz group at the Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Fest ’95.
1996 – Makes conferences and workshops of Latin jazz in Aruba during Carnaval Season. Records his latest CD Production as a Solo Artist “Café Con Leche Y Dos De Azúcar” under the label RMM Records & Video Corp. Inaugurated his New Orchestra during the “Salsa’s National Day” in Puerto Rico, March 10th with an audience of 25,000 salsa lovers.
1997 – Produced and Directed a recording for Sweet Basil Inc. (Japan Record Co.) Artist: Yoshihito Fukumoto. Style: Salsa, Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop, Latin Jazz & Contemporary/Semi-Classical. Produced and arranged for José Nogueras 1997 Christmas project. Made history when performing for the first Latin jazz festival in Barranquilla, Colombia (BarranquiJazz Fest ’97).
1998 – During the first week of January, Perico was a special guest artist for Lucesita Benitez concerts series at Bellas Artes, Puerto Rico. He produces, arranges, performs, and composes (*) Tommy Olivencia’s latest CD for PolyGram Records. He appears as a Special Guest Artist for Domingo Quiñones concert series at Bellas Artes, Puerto Rico. He produces himself a CD under Suave Instrumental Label of instrumentals with a format of Boleros, Cha-Cha, Jazz & Pop.
1999 – He was the Musical Director for Iglesia Del Nazareno De Levittown ministries. He also developed a music school (Harmony School of Music). He also opened a recording studio at the school facilities to serve as a producer, arranger, computer programmer, musician, etc. It will serve his company (Suave Instrumental) as well as outside work (productions, arrangements, record companies, etc.) During the month of January “Perico” performed in Panama. Also, Roberto Lugo accompanies “Perico” during his concert. After his last performance together in Miami, Luis Perico Ortiz and Arturo Sandoval meet again. This time in Puerto Rico. It is a historical event since is the first time they perform together on the Island. Perico performed as a guest artist for the Historical Tribute to Hector Lavoe in Puerto Rico.
2000 – During the beginning of the year 2000 Perico established his commitment to Harmony School Of Music. He released four of his master’s catalogs in CD format. They are: “Sabroso”, “Sabor Tropical”, “El Isleño” & “In Tradition”. They include vocals by Domingo Quiñones and Roberto Lugo. Also was released in CD format his first solo album, “My Own Image” originally under Turnstyle Records, a Martin Cohen company (Latin Percussion). Perico just finish his latest production with guest artists such as Domingo Quiñones, Bobby Valentin, Papo Lucca, Cachete Maldonado, Endel Dueño, Elias Lopéz, Rafi Torres and many more. The project is called “Jamming” and will be released under the AJ RECORDS label. One of the most important assets to his life is ISABEL ANNA, his niece, born March 31-2000.
2001 – “Perico” is currently serving as Producer and A & R Director for AJ Records (sister company of Casa De Los Tapes). He just finished the production of Tommy Olivencia 40 Aniversario/LIVE
2002 – Wins the TU MUSICA award as the best Christmas production. Produced Ray Barreto LIVE 50th Anniversary, Lunna Bohemia, Los 100 años de Andy Montanez LIVE from Centro De Bellas Artes, Rie Akagi from Japan and he scores the music for a Japanese cartoon.
2003 – Produced the first Puerto Rican Master live concert direct from the Tito Puente Amphitheatre.
2004 – Produced the first SALSA GOSPEL concert and DVD. He participates as a professor of the Conservatory of Puerto Rico. His role appoints him as a Faculty Member for the Jazz Performance & Caribbean Music Bachelor Degree. He produces a tribute concert and DVD for Marvin Santiago. Produces a Christmas production concert and CD-DVD for ACISUM GROUP & UNIVERSAL MUSIC.
2005 – Perico composes, arranges, orchestrates, and produces the soundtrack for the TV movie “Pa’ Eso Estamos by Jacobo Morales. Second-year in a roll he is invited to be part of the production staff for the BANCO POPULAR Christmas special. He is selected to be the intellectual artist for the TV series HUELLAS MUSICALES. The producers will work to create a retrospective of his musical contribution so far to music in general.
2006 – Currently very active with the Conservatory Of Music Of Puerto Rico and his business (Suave Instrumental & Dialen Publisher.) Visits Columbia Collage of Chicago to give Master Classes and concerts with Jon Faddis, Eddie Gomez, and the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico Jazz Performance and Caribbean Music faculty. Produces Japanese flutist Rie Akagi. He visits France as a guest artist for the TORO & SALSA Festival (September 9-11).
2007 – Perico was officially named “Artist In Residence” for the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico along with fellow musicians Eddie Gomez and David Sanchez. He represents the Jazz Performance & Caribbean Music Bachelor Degree. March 23 he started his world tour in Puerto Rico with his original singers, Rafael De Jesus y Roberto Lugo. He will perform throughout the year with his Salsa Band, Latin Jazz Big Band, and his Latin Jazz Combo as well as his Master Classes in Schools, Colleges, and Universities around the globe.
2008 – At the Forty-Five (45) Graduation of the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico, Maestro Luis Perico Ortiz was invited to be the Main Speaker to the 2008 Class. An Honor and historical event in his life. Perico enter the CMPR in 1966 and his dream came thru when he graduates first class for the Jazz & Afro Caribbean Bachelor degree 2008. He was assigned to be the Artist Director for the new Plaza Gigante de la Musica of Carolina, Puerto Rico.
2009 – Perico is assigned to be the Music Consultant for Escuela De Bellas Artes De Carolina. Also, he is the current Artist Director for Special Events at Municipio Autónomo de Carolina. He went for the first time to Peru to the prestigious event CHIMPUM CALLAO. He played in front of a record audience of 42, 000 people.
2010 – This year is emblematic of “Perico” since he is celebrating his 50th Anniversary as a musician. In January was given the PREMIO SAN SEBASTIAN for his career achievements. He also went to the Lehman College where he performed with his founder’s singers Rafael de Jesus and Roberto Lugo. He directed and produced for Carolina, P. R. the 6th Festival Internacional del Jazz de Carolina. He performed with Paquito D’ Rivera, Mario Grillo, Tito Puente Jr., Tito Rodriguez and Gilberto Santa Rosa.
In November he visited New Mexico where he was the invited guest artist for the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra. He also performed a Latin Jazz Concert and a Master Class at the New Mexico University.
2011 – Luis “Perico” Ortiz was the coordinator of the 3rd International Bolero Fest for Carolina, Puerto Rico. The guest artists for the two days event during the month of April were Lourdes Robles, Nydia Caro, Elías Lopés, Braulio, Lilly y su Gran Trio & Trio Los Condes. During the month of August, he was the Artist & Musical Director for the 7th Festival Internacional del Jazz de Carolina, which was dedicated to the art of the piano. His guests were Mariano Morales, Luis Marin, Angel David Mattos, Yan Carlos Artime & Michel Camilo. He conducted his big band with a superb night full of guesses all in the Piano Sit. On December 2nd, Luis was the Artist and Musical Director for the Encendido de la Navidad of Carolina featuring Tony Vega, NG2, Pedrito Guzman, Juan Vélez and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. 
On December 23 after almost a year of hard work, Luis was the composer, arranger, and Artist, and Musical Director of one of the most important concerts in his career, the Inaugural Concert of the Museo del Niño de Carolina. He conducted a Symphonic Orchestra with a 30-piece Male/Female Choir and a 56 member Dance Group from Escuela de Bellas Artes. Also, he collaborated with the Maestros Cucco Peña and Frankie Suárez.
2012 – Luis Perico Ortiz acts as the coordinator for the Festival del Bolero de Carolina, Puerto Rico. The two day festival guest artists in the month of April were: Escuela de Bellas Artes de Carolina, Tato Díaz & Dream Team Trio, Las Divas Del Bolero {Mayra Mayra, Jaqueline Capó & Awilda} Paquito Guzmán, Carmín Vega, Orquesta de Elías Lopés, Ramoncito Rodríguez y Los Andinos, Pijuan y Los Baby Bommer Boys, Chucho Avellanet &Lissette. In August he becomes the Artist & Musical Director for the 8th Festival Internacional del Jazz de Carolina with the Special Guest Arturo Sandoval During December as spected, returns to Carolina to produce the spected Encendido de la Navidad. The guest artists were; EBAC, PLENEALO, ORQUESTA LUIS PERICO ORTIZ, ISMAEL MIRANDA, MONCHO RIVERA, PRODIGIO CLAUDIO, HENRY SANTIAGO
2013 – After 6 years of absence recording, Master Luis Perico Ortiz performs one of the most ambitious and complex production in his career. Inviting a handful of friends he made TIEMPO DE AMAR. They collaborate with Luis, Rubén Blades, Andy Montañez, Alex De Castro, José Juan Hernández, NG2, Victoria Sanabria, Ismael Miranda, José Nogueras, Danny Rivera, Prodigy Claudio, Giovanni Hidalgo, Rie Akagi and the Symphony Orchestra Ernesto Ramos Antonini APPAOS. A battalion of the best musicians from Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Cuba. 8 Recording studio (Puerto Rico, United States and Japan). Composers; Luis Perico Ortiz, José Nogueras, Yan Carlos Artime, Juan Jose Hernandez, Victoria Sanabria, Prodigy Claudio and Luciano Quiñones. Arrangers: Luis Perico Ortiz, Ivan Rodriguez and Luis Garcia. All a dream comes true. The sale of this epic will be donated in its entirety for the benefit of children with cancer through the San Jorge Children’s Foundation.
Luis “Perico” Ortiz Ortiz acts as the coordinator for the 5th Festival del Bolero de Carolina, Puerto Rico. The two days festival guest artists in the month of April were: Escuela de Bellas Artes de Carolina, Máximo Torres, Iris Chacón, Lalo Rodríguez, Pete Bonnet, Rafael Jose, Meñique & Orq. Elías Lopés. In August he becomes the Artist & Musical Director for the 9th Festival Internacional del Jazz de Carolina con la participation de: 1. Escuela De Bellas Artes de Carolina  2. Alex Ayala Trio  3. Edwin Clemente  3D ZONE  4. David “Piro” Rodríguez 5. Justo Almario 6. Luis Perico Ortiz Latin Jazz Big Band e invitados. In November Ortiz traveled to Venezuela to perform two Big Band Jazz Concerts as a special guest with trumpetist Yturvides Vilchez. He returned in December to produce Encendido de la Navidad 2013 with the participation of EBAC, Barreto y su Plena and his Orchestra with guests {Papo Sánchez, Pedro Brull, Domingo Quiñones y Victoria Sanabria.
2014-2020 – “Perico” continues as the cultural adviser for the town of Carolina. In 2015 he inaugurated the Hospital San Fernando de la Carolina and in 2016 he officially inaugurated the Orquesta de Conciertos de Carolina.
Ortiz was honored for the second time in 2019 where it dedicated the 36th Día Nacional de la Salsa Z-93 before a crowd of 20 thousand. Also, he produced his first theatrical concert, Luis Perico Ortiz – MI VOZ. In 2016 Ortiz was invited to be the Main Speaker for the 53rd graduation of the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, of which he is an alumnus.
2021 – Ortiz’s most recent recording is titled, Sigo Entre Amigos, which follows in the footsteps of Entre Amigos. For the recording, Ortiz gathered friends Milly Quezada, Domingo Quiñones, Tony Vega, Johnny Rivera, Charlie Sepúlveda, and Néstor Torres.
Sigo Entre Amigos (2021)


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