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Ernesto Vega, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Composer, Educator.


His first international performance was in 2003 when the multitalented Chilean musician Carlos Masa invites him to participate of two CDs for the Label Bleu Records, (Amiens, France): “Chocala” and “Salvedad”. Simultaneosly they were also performing their music in Europe, at Lausanne Jazz Festival (Switzerland) and Amiens Jazz Festival (France).

Later, he wins the First Award at the international jazz competition “ Jojazz ”, celebrated every year in Cuba, where the finest young jazz musician participate with great hope.

In 2004 he becomes a member of the “Oriental Quartet” along with the Cuban jazz pianist Alejandro Vargas, and being into this project he played in several international festivals like Quito Jazz Festival (Ecuador)and Mercado cultural (Cultural Market) in Sao Paolo and Bahia(Brazil).

The first recording of the Oriental Quartet came out under the name of “Trapiche” in 2008; this record won the Cubadisco Award in the same year. Later, Ernesto recorded in more than 30 discographic productions, becoming one of the most important young figures of Clarinet in Cuba.

In 2009 he records his first solo CD ”Venir al Mundo”(Coming into the world) as a composer and interpreter. He obtained with this CD the Cubadisco Award as the best jazz recording of the year.

Featured Photo: Andrew James

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