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The Curtis Brothers Record New Album at the Side Door Jazz Club


Featuring: Donald Harrison (sax), Brian Lynch (trumpet) and Ralph Peterson (drums).

This special event is part of the world premiere of Zaccai Curtis’ composition “Algorithm Suite,” commissioned by Chamber Music America: New Jazz Works. Come witness and be a part of this special recording of the 2nd chapter to The Curtis Brothers band! ____________________

Brothers Luques (bass) and Zaccai (piano) Curtis follow in the rich family tradition of jazz. The music has often been the beneficiary of sibling bonds. Look no further than the Adderley brothers (Cannonball & Nat), the Heath Brothers (Percy, Jimmy, and Albert (Tootie), the Brecker Brothers, or more recently the Roney brothers (Wallace & Antoine). Jazz music has frequently been the family tie that binds. And as with the Curtis Brothers, those are also siblings that recorded and performed together.

The brothers have recorded with a notable discography of cohorts, including Gary Burton, Cindy Blackman-Santana, Donald Harrison, Sean Jones, Brian Lynch & Eddie Palmieri, and John Santos among others. In 2010 they debuted their brother act, ‘Blood – Spirit – Land – Water – Freedom’ and followed it with the hard-bop 2012 record, ‘Completion of Proof’ which in combination is a great exposition of the brothers’ versatility.

The Curtis Brothers artistic journey began in Hartford, Connecticut. There NEA Jazz Master Jackie McLean and wife Dollie’s exceptional urban cultural development center the Artists Collective nurtured the brothers’ early musical impulses, “then David Santoro at the Hartford Academy of the Arts,” says Zaccai. Eventually, both brothers continued their studies in Boston, Zaccai at the New England Conservatory, and Luques at Berklee College of Music. For the Curtis Brothers, music is an affirmation of the basic root sources of jazz. Their music is rife with the blues, swing rhythms in recognition of the Africa-Caribbean-New Orleans lineage, and the basic core elements that make the music such a spicy, hard bop melting pot.

Tickets: www.thesidedoorjazz.com

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