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Special Audiences and Musicians (SAM, Inc.) Benefit Luncheon/Concert


SAM, INC. will hold it’s the second fundraiser special benefit luncheon and jazz concert on Saturday, April 13th from 12:30 -2:30 pm at 5C Cafe, 68 Avenue C (corner of the 5th street).

Last years fundraiser was a great success with a star-studded group of musicians performing. The band included; George Coleman, Jimmy Owens, Frank London, Murray Wall, Ehud Asherie, Oscar Feldman, Peter Ecklund, just to name a few. We expect many of the same to perform again as well as other jazz greats. 5C Cafe has a long history of supporting good causes. We’re very pleased to be having the SAM fundraiser at this fine venue. As April is both Disability Awareness Month and Jazz Appreciation Month, this date for our event is quite fitting. Updates will be sent to SAM supporters via email. Keep the date open!

Special Audiences and Musicians, Inc (SAM) was created in 2017 in an effort to present concerts at nursing homes, assisted living institutions, community centers, hospitals, and other such institutions. There is a large body of research that attests to the important therapeutic aid that live musical performance can have on individuals in such settings. SAM has as its goal to present these performances using musicians drawn from a body of three under-represented groups; musicians with disabilities, senior musicians, and women.

The Need

Musical performance is not only one of the most enjoyable of all human activities it is long established to be emotionally uplifting and therapeutic, particularly among members of the senior community. While the positive effects of live music performance seem obvious to musicians playing in settings such as senior citizen programs, nursing homes, and community centers, there has been a body of scholarly research done in recent years that bears out those assumptions scientifically. Among the many important scientific studies that show the therapeutic and emotional benefits from live musical performance, including improvisational performance are (Dileo 1999), (Kemper 2005), and (Longhi 2008).

Healing Arts Initiative, Inc. was the largest performance organization in the Metropolitan area providing musical performances in hospitals, nursing homes, senior programs, and other such organizations. With the closure of the Healing Arts Initiative in 2016 a large gap was created and Special Audiences and Musicians, Inc. (SAM) has the goal of filling that gap. Additionally, SAM not only provides the important service of presenting musical performances but also provides performance opportunities for jazz musicians in three under-represented groups; musicians with disabilities, senior musicians and women. This approach makes SAM unique among all performance organizations in the metropolitan area.

Our Mission

The mission of Special Audiences and Musicians, Inc. is to provide cultural enrichment by way of musical performances in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted-living homes, and other such institutions in New York and the Tri-State area, with musicians drawn from three under-represented groups; musicians with disabilities, senior musicians, and women. These three groups will occasionally be joined by other musicians. Special Audiences and Musicians, Inc. will provide a much-needed service with musical performances in such institutions including nursing homes, hospitals, assisted-living homes, and other related institutions. The therapeutic, social and emotional benefits from the live musical performance are well established. Utilizing musicians with disabilities, female musicians and senior musicians will provide valuable performance opportunities to those under-represented musicians who have much to offer in terms of artistic expression.


A graduate of Empire State College with a dual major in journalism and Latin American studies, Editor-in-Chief Tomas Peña has spent years applying his knowledge and writing skills to the promotion of great musicians. A specialist in the crossroads between jazz and Latin music, Peña has written extensively on the subject. His writing appears on Latin Jazz Network; Chamber Music America magazine and numerous other publications.


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