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Pazcual Villaronga & the New Drum Poets release “On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall”



Acclaimed Poet, author, and educator Pazcual Villaronga proudly presents the CD and book “On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall,” a poetic and musical salute to musicians and their creative souls.
The title draws inspiration from trumpeter John Walsh, whose philosophy is, “On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall, Musicians must Answer the Call and Give it Their All.” The lion’s share of the poems pay tribute to the music and the artists who create it, but there is more. The poems “Puerto Rican Trilogy” and “Alma Jibarita” explore Pazcual’s Taino, Spanish and African ancestry, and Puerto Rico’s colonial status. “Right Pocket/Left Pocket narrates a significant incident from Pazcual’s early adulthood. Also, he asks, “How Many of Of Us Listen?”, “What Do You Do?” “Afro, is that you?” wonders, “Why is Afro blue?”
To a degree, “On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall” recalls the writings of Nuyorican poet and playwright Pedro Pietri; playwright and activist Tato Laviera; activist and journalist Felipe Luciano; and Latina poet and graphic artist Sandra Maria Estevez, among others.
Rarely have the spoken word, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and Latin Jazz come together as organically and beautifully as they do on this fascinating and innovative project. “On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall” is a literal and aural experience that will transport, engage, and inspire listeners of all ages.
“On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall” is available at: http://conceptovillapaz.com/and Amazon.


Pazcual was born and raised in New York’s Spanish Harlem, “El Barrio.” He attended Haaren High School, graduated from New York City Community College, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Education from Hunter College.
His published works include the highly acclaimed “Caracol (Poems For The Children),” By The Music Inspired,” Poet,” Fire From Hell,” Compendium,” and” Stereotypes and Cycles.” His most recent endeavor is “On Whatever Day Saturday Happens To Fall.” It is a collection of his poetry set to music. Pazcual’s work has also appeared in “Around the Mulberry Bush – An Anthology,” “Windfall – An Anthology,” and “Fahari.”
He also received the Golden and Silver Poet Awards and placed third in the Bilingual Song Competition in Washington, DC. He has read poetry at Columbia University, Teachers College, Hunter College, Hostos Community College, Manhattan Community College, and Connecticut’s Housatonic Community College.
Now retired after over three decades of teaching, Pazcual is preparing several collections of poetry and a children’s book and performs with the Lehman College Latin Jazz Ensemble directed by Victor Rendón.


1. Drummers Prayer
2. By the Music Inspired
3. In the Pocket
4. What Do You Do?
5. El Chembito
6. How Many of Us Listen?
7. Bongo Habla Otra Vez
8. Que No Se Te Olvides
9. Right Pocket/Left Pocket
10. On Whatever Day Saturday Happens to Fall
11. I Saw You (Tribute 4 Miles)
12. Alma Jibarita
13. Puerto Rican Trilogy
14. Puerto Rican Trilogy
15. Puerto Rican Trilogy
16. Speak Easy
17. Soul Riffs
18. Entendian Voz
19. Another Night in Tunisia
20. En Los Manos De Los Maestros
21. Afro, Is That You?
22. Now and Then


Pazcual Villaronga – Executive Producer, Poetic Voz, Conga and Shekeré
Víctor Rendón – Producer, Drum Set, Timbales, Pailitas, Shekeré, Batá (Okonkolo), Coro
Wilson “Chembo” Corniel – Congas, Batá (Itótele), Guataca, Coro
Louis Bauzo – Bongos, Congas, Barril (Primo), Batá (Iyá), Bonkó Enchemiyá, Güícharo Puertorriqueño, Coro
Yasuyo Kimura – Congas, Bongos, 1st and 2nd Cajón, Maraca, Coro


Michael Viñas– Bass
Amy Quint Millan – Piano, Coro
José Luis Armengot – Trumpet


Andrea Brachfeld – Flute
Henry Brun – Conga, Shaker
Ariel de la Portilla – Acoustic Bass
Roman Diaz – (Batá and Various Percussion)
Diego Lopez – (Batá and Various Percussion)
Allan Molnar – First Marimba
Yumi Suehiro – Second Marimba
“Another Night in Tunisia, Wondering Why Afro is Blue” is Posted with the Copyright Owner’s permission.


A graduate of Empire State College with a dual major in journalism and Latin American studies, Editor-in-Chief Tomas Peña has spent years applying his knowledge and writing skills to the promotion of great musicians. A specialist in the crossroads between jazz and Latin music, Peña has written extensively on the subject. His writing appears on Latin Jazz Network; Chamber Music America magazine and numerous other publications.


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