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Paco de Lucia Legacy Festival Pays Tribute to the Legendary Guitarist!

FEBRUARY 20-24, 2024
NEW YORK, NY (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – New York City is set to pay tribute to the legendary guitarist Paco de Lucía through a major festival from February 20 to 24, 2024. This momentous event, known as The Paco de Lucia Legacy Festival, will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the passing of the influential genius from Algeciras, Spain, whose profound impact has resonated with countless musicians worldwide.
The program will feature performers who once shared a personal connection with Paco de Lucía, such as Al Di Meola and Rubén Blades. They will be joined by some of today’s most prominent flamenco creators, including Diego ‘El Cigala’, José Mercé, Carmen Linares, Rafael Riqueni, Niño Josele, and Farruquito. Additionally, musicians who once graced the stage with Paco de Lucía, such as Jorge Pardo, Antonio Serrano, Rubem Dantas, José María Bandera, Antonio Sánchez, Israel Suárez ‘Piraña’, Alain Pérez, and Carles Benavent, among others, will be part of this historic festival.
These renowned artists will pay their tribute to the master, “demonstrating that flamenco can cross borders and mix with other styles such as classical, jazz or Latin American music, once again promoting the cultural richness that exists in the inherent diversity of flamenco,” as noted on the website for the Festival’s programmer, the Paco de Lucía Foundation.
February 20-24 in New York City
A grand opening night at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan on February 20, will mark the beginning of five intense days in which the composer of Solo Quiero Caminar (‘I Only Want to Walk”) and Entre Dos Aguas (“Between Two Waters”) will be recognized as the guitar legend that he is, a unique creator who transcended the limits of flamenco to leave a universal legacy. Among the featured performers of the night are dancers Karime Amaya, Farru and Farruquito, guitarists Al Di Meola, Josemi Carmona, Yerai Cortés, Antonio Rey, Rafael Riqueni, Niño Josele, J.M. Bandera and Pepe Habichuela, vocalists Rubén Blades, Diego ‘El Cigala’, Duquende, Chonchi Heredia, Salif Keita, Carmen Linares, José Mercé, Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Makarines, bassists Carles Benavent and Alain Pérez. double bassist Javier Colina, percussionists Rubem Dantas, Tino Di Geraldo and Israel Suárez “Piraña”, kora player Madou Diabaté, pianist Chano Domínguez, flutist Jorge Pardo, vocalist/cellist Nesrine Belmokh and harmonica player Antonio Serrano.
On February 21st, three different programs around the city put flamenco music in the spotlight. Co-Musical Directors Arturo O’Farrill and Alex Conde lead the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra in a program of of the maestro’s most emblematic songs at Symphony Space. Paco will also be remembered in a two-set concert at Le Poisson Rouge featuring Jorge Pardo, Chano Dominguez, Javier Colina, and Silvia Pérez Cruz. And Instituto Cervantes will host the presentation of César Suárez’s book, “El Enigma Paco de Lucía,” offering valuable insights into the legendary artist’s life.
On February 22, the cajón master Israel Suárez “Piraña” and Makarines (brothers José and Maka Ibañez) will give a rhythm master class at NYU-KJCC while The Town Hall will present Flamenco Meets New York, an unprecedented meeting between flamenco artists and leading stars of Jazz, Latin, and World music. The program features Niño Josele, Rubén Blades, Josemi Carmona, Salif Keita, Antonio Rey, Richard Bona, Pepe Habichuela and a surprise special guest in a spectacular evening including flamenco dancers Farruquito, Karime Amaya and Farru. The program will also feature Alain Pérez, Rafael Riqueni, Antonio Sánchez, and Silvia Pérez Cruz in a concert that transcends musical boundaries and musical traditions.
On February 23Instituto Cervantes New York will host Puro Flamencoa recital starring Pepe Habichuela, Rafael Riqueni, and Carmen Linares, among others.
Other events, including a screening of the film ‘La búsqueda’ (‘The Search’) by Paco de Lucia’s son, Curro Sánchez, will round out the New York City festival.
The Paco de Lucía Legacy Festival is presented by Julio Martí of Serious Fan Music (Artistic Director of the Festival), and Josemi Carmona, Antonio Serrano, Farru and Piraña, (Musical Directors), with the collaboration of Laura Poggio, Música Creativa.   
This festival in New York City is the kickoff to an anniversary that will include other milestones, such as the debut of a previously unreleased album by Paco de Lucía (details to follow).
The Paco de Lucía Legacy Festival is a testament to the enduring legacy of a musical genius and promises to be an unparalleled celebration of flamenco artistry. This extraordinary festival will unite world-class musicians, pay homage to Paco de Lucía’s profound influence, and showcase the vibrant talent of both established and emerging flamenco artists. As the Foundation notes, “Paco’s creative talent, his execution and his capacity for continuous innovation are recognized beyond flamenco, by the best guitarists and musicians on the planet. There are few figures so indisputable in music; few artists with such an extensive and enduring career without criticism. His is a case of genius, in every sense exceptional.”
The Paco de Lucía Legacy festival is an initiative promoted by the Paco de Lucía Foundation, sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, and presented by Serious Fan Music and co-financed with European Funds: Ministry of Finance, Junta de Andalucia.



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