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New Sounds from Artistic Director Corina Bartra and the Afro-Peruvian New Trends Orchestra

CORINA BARTRA is one of the great pioneers of Afro-Peruvian jazz, combining the exciting rhythms of her native Peru with the brilliant jazz of her adopted American homeland. So it’s no surprise that when she turns her ever-questing mind towards spiritual music, she achieves another wonderful combination, chanting that combines Indian, Andean, and American strains. It also marries music from defined traditions with others that are spiritual but don’t conform to any particular orthodoxy. I can tell you Corina’s chanting work is enchanting. I believe her Chants from the Seeds of Bliss is the most-played CD in my collection!” – Mark Fogarty, author of Went to See the Gypsy.
Corina Bartra, a multi-project artist, has created an instrumental music project filled with swing and danceable South and Latin American rhythms. The project is multi-rhythmic and multidimensional, featuring Corina Bartra’s original compositions such as the majestic Afro-Peruvian Festejo modulating to a swing groove, “Osiris,” the Amazon-inspired “Ecstasy Green,” the moving Landó Ballas “Purple Heart,” “Bailan Todas las Razas,” and “Ebano Sky.”
These tracks are full of beautiful melodies and exciting, colorful rhythms. “Baila y Goza” modulates between a Cuban Guajira and an Afro-Peruvian Festejo. “Vinilo y Café” and “Latino Blues” are Cuban-inspired, filled with catchy, danceable melodies and hooks. “Far Away,” a Brazilian-inspired tune intermingling with a swing rhythm, is a breath of fresh air intertwined with surprising moments. The project also features three tracks that showcase the Marinera style of Peruvian Creole music. An original, “Marinera Jazz,” the traditional “Palmero Siguayayay,” and a medley from Chabuca Granda, “Tun tun tun” – La Herida Oscura, are all filled with challenging grooves and rhythms to play, which all these top-notch players in this recording have far met.
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