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Kiki Valera celebrates the release of “Vacilón Santiaguero” at Joe’s Pub on July 5

Vacilón Santiaguero is Kiki Valera’s second solo release in the US, following many years as the director of La Familia Valera Miranda in Santiago de Cuba, which is a century-old and one of the most important purveyors of Son Cubano.
Valera reaches beyond the core performing group to present collaborations with GRAMMY award-winning musicians. It features his favorite trumpeters, Alexis Baro, Brian Lynch, Michael Rodriguez, Dennis Hernandez, Jonathan Powell, Pete Nater, Leon Q Allen, and Thomas Marriott. 
On Vacilón Santiaguero, Kiki is joined by world-renowned singers, including Carlos Cascante (of Spanish Harlem Orchestra) and childhood friend Coco Freeman (NG La Banda, Adalaberto Alvarez y su Son) for a set of beloved and lively pieces. Among the highlights are “Este Vacilon” and “El Aji de Cocina,” two original songs composed by Kiki’s father, Felix Valera. Alexis Baro’s high-note trumpet solo on “Sobre Una Tumba en Rumba,” Arsenio Rodriguez’s “Funfunando” (the coro riffing sounds a bit like a big band), a hyper and joyful “Mari Juana,” the vintage “Pajaro Lindo,” Coco Freeman’s soulful singing on “Dos Gardenias,” and “El Cuarto De Tula,” which has become a Buena Vista Social Club classic. 
Valera arranged these songs in a colorful and inventive fashion. In his jazz-influenced hands, you will occasionally hear twists and turns in the solo work that you probably weren’t expecting when you first glanced at the song titles, primarily Cuban evergreens. 
There is much to enjoy in each of these dazzling performances, and VACILON SANTIAGUERO features Kiki at his most creative. His music is for dancers and listeners alike! 
Kiki Valera y Son Cubano will celebrate the release of Vacilón Santiaguero at Joe’s Pub on July 5. For additional information and tickets, click HERE.

If you purchased tickets online, use the code KIKI 20 to receive a $10 discount.



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