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Drummer, Composer, Educator Fidel Morales releases the single, ¡LA VAINA VA!’

LA VAINA VA! is the title of Fidel Morales’s new composition, where he explores the creation of Caribbean dance with music with contemporary influences and, of course, jazz, a genre that he performs with mastery. To shape the creation, the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music Professor invited two friends and Cuban musicians, the great interpreter ZULE GUERRA and singer-songwriter and director JUAN JOSÉ HERNÁNDEZ. The team was also joined by the young Dominican guitarist JOSÉ CASTILLO and WILLIAM GARCÍA and WILLIAM RUSSEL, who mixed and mastered the song.
“I am interested in exploring the creation of Caribbean dance music, combined with current influences and, of course, always with jazz — something like a return to my beginnings in music. I also want to collaborate with artists I admire and appreciate, something that I started years ago with my album ‘Salsa Son Timba‘ This new song ‘¡La Vaina Va!’, is inspired by a beautiful project of entrepreneurs whom I admire, and that will come to light very soon,” explained Morales.
The award-winning musician thanked the collaboration of “my brother, the great composer, vocalist, and director Juan José Hernández, who took the time to give voice to this song,” as well as that of Zule Guerra, whom he described as “one of my favorite artists today.” In the same way, he expressed his deep gratitude to the musicians who took the time to shape this sound project that promises to shake even the most timid dancers.
“I’m sure the public will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. It’s yours!” Said Morales.
Juan José Hernández, for his part, shared that: “he interpreted the song as a personal and musical reaffirmation that takes precedence over any artistic and even personal vicissitude. He summed up the spirit of this song, which is a call to shake off stagnation, get up and do what we set out to do.
In the same way, the Cuban vocalist Zule Guerra expressed that “for me, it has been a tremendous pleasure to collaborate with my dear Fidel, whom I love and admire so much. Ultimately, I included my style with a bit of scat. When I heard the final mix, I couldn’t help but dance!”
¡La Vaina Va!‘ will be available on various digital platforms Monday, July 31. For additional information, visit fidelmorales.com.


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